Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tutorial: DIY Photobooth Props

With my photo obsession it's probably not a surprise that I decided to set up a little DIY photobooth at my baby shower. After looking around a little, I decided to make some fun props for people to play around with when they take their photos at the photobooth.

I found some printable props online (here and here).

Materials Used:

- Adhesive felt - I got one red and one black ($1.69 CDN per sheet at Michael's)
- Cardstock to print the props onto. Regular paper would be way too flimsy
- Kabob sticks (or the random sticks I found in the craft aisle at Wal-Mart)
- Glue gun (or another strong adhesive for attaching the stick to the prop)

- Print props onto cardstock and cut those babies out. I doubled my cardstock for a couple of props by gluing another piece of prop-shaped cardstock to it. Not necessary, but useful if you want the prop to be a little stronger.

* I apologize for the horrible photos. I made the props at work at the only camera I had access to was a cell phone.

- Cut out a piece of felt big enough to fit your prop, and stick the two together.

- Cut out your prop in the felt. Cutting adhesive felt is NOT fun. I found it easier to do a quick, messy job, then clean it up a bit afterwards.

- You can write on your prop with permanent marker to fill in little details (see bow tie below)

- Glue stick to your prop.

- Enjoy your props and take tons of fun photos. Bonus: if you blog about your props and photos and show me the link. Here are some of mine in action:

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For more things handmade visit VB Creations Blog


Baby Sister said...

That looks like total fun. I might have to do that with my nieces one day.

Jenn Erickson said...

Using adhesive felt for this is brilliant! My girls have been making mustaches out of paper this summer, but this is a much, much better idea...I may even have to find a way to work this in to the craft camp I'm hosting next week.

Thanks for the great tute!



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