Friday, June 17, 2011

I painted a Super Mario Star

I recently took up painting, as you might know. I didn't finish my wood block yet, but I did start two projects and complete one. The completed one is the star in Super Mario. It's for the baby's Super Mario themed room. I just need to stick something to the back to hang it. 

Here is the set of the three completed stars:

Materials Used:

- Wooden star (Michael's for $1.69 CDN)
- Bright yellow, white & black acrylic paints ($0.69 each)
- Black paint marker to touch up eyes ($4 at Wal-Mart)
Total cost: Approx. $9 for one star, $13 for three big stars

I don't think they look too bad for a first try. 

Ignore the glare around the white in the eyes in the bottom photo - I used a permanent marker to fix up the imperfections on the first star, but got a paint marker later on to fix that. 

All three were hand painted with acrylic paints - a few coats of yellow, eyes drawn on in pencil, two coats of black, then two coats of white. Then tracing around the black edges with a paint marker. 

And one (before it was finished) next to a Wii remote to show size:

Have you ever done any painting with acrylic paints before? 

See more Super Mario DIY Decor:

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Melissa said...

It looks great!!

Nicole J @ Knocked Up said...

"...not to bad for a first try."...are you kidding me? It is adorable Venassa!!!

Baby Sister said...

Love it!! It looks awesome!!

tyler_fraser said...

that is kinda of kick ass, i want one lol. also sweet room theme idea. mine was winnie the pooh...GROSS



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