Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Confess...

I worry more about other people's problems sometimes than I do my own. 
Sadly, sometimes I worry more about other people's problems than they do themselves. 

It makes me sad to think my baby is going to grow up too fast. 

It bothers me when people blame others for problems they brought on themselves. 
It also bothers me when people get angry at others for not doing something for them,
when it's something that person wouldn't do for the others. 

It bothers me when my bills are more than my paychecks. 

It bothers me when people judge what you do with your life
but aren't ever around to know the truth. 

It bothers me when I'm hungry, and I have to wait until I'm finished work to eat.
It especially bothers me when I know I will be eating something really good. 
The anticipation is almost too much. 

I wish I could keep on some of my pregnancy weight, because I need it.
But then I can't afford to buy a whole new wardrobe that will fit me post-pregnancy. 

I still can't stop thinking about food. 

What are your confessions?
You can even tell me anonymously if you want. 

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Nicole J @ Knocked Up said...

It bothers me that my soon to-be-ex-husband was messing around with hairdresser while I was pregnant and I didn't know about it for months. :) All things happen for a reason, I'm better off without him.

Kaylee said...

I feel like I could have written all of this myself. I totally want to keep some of my baby weight when I'm done because I was trying to gain weight before the baby any way.

I always worry about other people and their issues, but I have to say since getting pregnant and prioritizing my life I have gotten much better about it.

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

I agree with most of those! Can I add that it really bothers me when I go to a department store and while standing around looking obviously confused because I can't find my item...I come upon 3 employees discussing their friday night adventures? Then when I ask them for help, they have no idea what to tell me and I leave feeling like I disrupted their fun? Yeah, thanks Kohls. I'm sure I'll be day :P

Anonymous said...

I agree, especially with the judging one. Another thing that bothers me? Feeling like I have to compete with a guy at work for a normal relationship with my sister. And he's married. Nothing inappropriate going on, believe me, it just really annoys me seeing him getting special treatment that I would kill to have.



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