Friday, July 15, 2011

What I've done, and why I barely blog

It must be summer.

I don't mean that in the 'sunshine and sun tans' kind of way, because I'm as pale as a ghost and I wore my fall jacket to work today. I mean it in a 'we are soo busy at work' kind of way.

Work is usually where I blog, hence the lack of blogging and sometimes commenting lately. By the time I figure out what I want to write about, it's time to go home. I feel like I'm behind on my own life right now. Here's a little recap to keep me in check.

Friday, July 8 - B's friends got to town. It was strange having strangers stay with us, especially when I still felt so strange being there myself, but I think that made it less strange. Confusing?

Monday, July 11 - I went to the beach with B. and his friends who are staying with us for the week. It was WAY too windy, but I may have gotten a few good photos of the scenery (haven't uploaded them yet) and got a nice walk on the beach in while we were there. I spent the night at Mom's place with nephew. He is the worst person to sleep with EVER. He squirms all night like there are ants in his pants.

Wednesday, July 13 - I worked at both of my jobs. Long, long day it was.

Thursday, July 14 - Shipped off my little giveaway prize to Caro, a few days later than planned. Got to spend a few minutes on some of my projects.

Tomorrow, Friay, July 15 - I believe B's guests are leaving, and it is also my day off so maybe I'll work more on my projects and make my to-do list a little smaller.

Sunday, July 17 - Is my baby shower. ALREADY. Seems like yesterday I was just thinking about it. Confirmed the details with the banquet guy on Thursday, and I can get in there to set up on Saturday. I just can't wait to see everyone. Also, I believe M. is going to be spending the night with me that night, just another thing to look forward to. Then it's back to reality and work on Monday.

Random - I don't understand at all why all of a sudden my 'Where I Live' post from May 2010 is so popular. 1053 pageviews so far this month.


SG to SP said...

Have fun at the baby shower! I hope you post lots of pictues.

Baby Sister said...

Sometimes don't you want to just put live on pause for a few days just to catch up? I know I do...
Maybe it's the chocolate covered potato chips...yumm!!

Jenn Erickson said...

Don't fret -- keep blogging at your own pace. True fans and friends will stick around regardless of how often you post. Personally, I appreciate and admire a blogger that puts their family life first and doesn't force their content.

Best, Jenn/Rook No. 17

Caro said...

Now that I know you've mailed it, I'll be stalking the postman lol



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