Friday, July 8, 2011

Not Quite Home

Maybe you can help me, because I'm sort of lost. You see, I just moved a few days ago. 

It's not a bad little spot. More space. Nice wood floors. Some pretty tile.

I've got a big storage closet, a room just for baby girl, a bathroom with lots of storage space, and even my own craft corner in the living room. 

But something just doesn't feel right. I just don't feel at home. 

I miss making a coffee after breakfast and drinking it slowly while listening to the country music radio and playing Dr. Mario. I miss the sun always lighting up the apartment. 

I miss eating an after-work snack in bed, then watching tv until I started to fall asleep. I miss talking to my Mom on a daily basis, even when she annoyed me. 

I miss having that sense of things being in order, even when they were a mess. 

I feel uneasy in my bedroom and livingroom. I don't feel relaxed in my homemade craft area. I can't stand being in the kitchen, and I hate the dinning room. 

I've been finding myself just wanting to go home, but that's the only home I've got. There is no where else. There's only one spot in  this new 'home' that I feel okay. 

Baby girl's room. With the pretty white furniture, the weird corner windows, and the yellow curtains I just put up. I love being in her room. It's the only place that feels okay to me. Maybe when I get things put away and things up on the wall, I may feel better. For now.. I just feel a little lost. Help me. 


Tyler said...

I think you just need time to adjust to the new place. And to have some friends over to break it in! Once you're all set up and the place reflects yourself then try hosting a dinner party with your family!

Melissa said...

It will take time to get it set up just the way you want. Maybe then it will feel like home.

SG to SP said...

Aww it takes time to adjust, we moved in March and sometimes I still don't feel like it's my home. Once you finish decorating and have everything unpacked you'll feel better I'm sure.

Caro said...

I just moved too, it's been almost a month and I still dont feel the going home warm feeling inside, but I know it takes time. Hang in there, soon you wont even have time to think about that.

Baby Sister said...

:( Sadness. I hate this feeling too. But it will get better, that I can promise you.

toi said...

When I moved from Britain to Canada I felt out of place in my new home until recently. The house is superb, with those wooden flooring, so classy. You need time to adjust. I am like your baby room ideas, can't wait to see the finished product :).



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