Monday, July 11, 2011

6 Things I Love

1. Painting, crafting, creating
I have so many ideas for things to make for the baby's Princess Peach / Super Mario themed room. Some are already started and some are still in the planning stages but so far it's so much fun. 

2. The Sunshine
Yesterday it poured down rain, but the days before that were gorgeous, and so was today and hopefully tomorrow. Really, it's about time summer gets here and I'm going to enjoy it. 

3. Get-Togethers
In less than a week it is my baby shower and I'll get to see so many people that I don't get to see enough. My best friend who is hosting the shower and her hubby, her parents who are like family to me, friends I haven't seen in too long, some random family members and the one I'm most excited about: my grandfather. I won't lie, I'm very excited to get some baby-related presents for my girlie, but I'm more excited about seeing a bunch of my favorite people together. 

4. Baby Things
B. has a couple of friends that are visiting from away for a week, and one of them has a young baby girl at home. She brought with her two boxes of clothes that are too small for her daughter, plus her baby swing that her baby doesn't like. I haven`t even looked at any of it yet but I`m still excited about it, and it was awesome of her to go through the trouble of dragging it all the way here for us. (They were driving for almost a full day to get here!)

5. Being Pregnant
I won`t lie, the thing I miss the most from my pre-pregnancy life is drinking. I`d love nothing more than to sit on the beach with a drink. But otherwise, I love being pregnant. Sometimes the swollen feet get in the way of doing things and the random nausea that I get lately at night kind of sucks. Everything else is pretty great though. I love watching my belly grow. I love having a bit more weight on me, although trying on my now too-tight sweatpants wasn`t very fun. I feel cute. People are always commenting on how jealous they are that I`m all belly, that I`m so small. I don`t love that so much, but I love that I`m lucky (so far) to not put on a lot of weight and feel huge. Mostly I love feeling my baby moving around in my belly. I`ve never been so excited about something. 

Connect 2. Like Mahjong, but with a different/better twist. I am so addicted. I play, can`t make it past level 5 ever, then play all over again. Haven`t gotten tired of it yet. 

What are you loving these days?

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Mommy's Paradise said...

He he, I'm a couple of stages further than you, I love when my tot (almost 3yo) takes his nap.
But I remember the time when I was pregnant, it was wonderful, except for drinking water when everyone else was having a glass of wine. But apart from that, I loved it. All the best to you for D-Day. :-)

Holly said...

I love your list! A super Mario/Peach room - I will not be telling my son about this, or I would have to change the design plans for a third time!

Enjoy your sunshine and being pregnant!

Baby Sister said...

Perfect list. Except I don't know what it's like to be pregnant. :)

He & Me + 3 said...

I did not love being pregnant...but my mom said she would be pregnant everyday. She loved it. I did though love feeling my little one is a true miracle. I will have to try out that game. Sounds fun. I love mahjong.



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