Thursday, January 6, 2011


Remember Flat Venassa? Sure you do. Now I've barely begun to show you the adventures that she has been on, but those stories can wait. Flat Venassa been around for a few new years, but she has never celebrated - until now, that is! Flat Venassa did New Years Eve this year in Times Square. That's right, New York. 

S. and Flat Venassa at the bridge from Home Alone

Grand Central Station

Looks like a good time. Wish I was there. 


Baby Sister said...

Looks like she had lots of fun!! I wish I had her life...

Anonymous said...

I think I've said this before.. but.. flat Venassa has more fun than me!

Jennifer V. said...

I love this idea!!! I want to make a Flat Jennie to travel the world. :)

Wyletter said...

Cute idea. That's one way to travel the world. Nice blog.



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