Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chloe is 8 months old!

8 months old as of May 25

Weight: 14lbs 8oz as of June 5

Height: Will need to measure. 

Diapers: Still in size 2s. It might be my imagination but they seem to be getting smaller on you

Feeding: You went through a spurt where you hated drinking your bottle, then went through a spurt where you hated your baby food. You seem to be finally getting over the baby food hate today (June 5th). As of June 4th we started you on half of your soy formula and half regular formula since it won't be long before you should be drinking regular milk anyway. You're adjusting well so far. 

Don't eat more food as in quantity, but you've tried a few new foods. Mangoes, turkey, chicken dinners (which include lentils, parsnips, potatoes), creamed corn. You're still not a fan of any solid food like your baby treats, mum mums or even real banana. We'll try some again soon.

Sleeping: For a couple of weeks your were up twice a night, every night. Then you lowered it to once a night, which I prefer. Then finally, for the first time in a long time you slept through the night once or twice. You usually go to bed around 7:30-8:30 and wake up around 8 lately. It works good for us. You sometimes fight your second nap to the point where you've missed it twice. That makes for a long, cranky evening so hopefully you'll co-operate more for a little while longer.

Talking: You growl like crazy lately. You still say all your little words and squeals. Your talking hasn't changed much lately. 

Moving: You're a great sitter now. I can sit you down almost anywhere and you don't fall. I don't leave you sitting on the floor alone, just in case, but I will leave you on your big foam puzzle pieces. You sit up on your own all the time now, by pushing yourself backwards until you're completely upright. You're usually sitting in bed when I have to go get you. When you're on your hands and knees you reach forward a lot, but no leg movement yet.

Social: Same as before - you're still a big flirt but sometimes still get scared of strangers. 

Teeth: No new ones this month, but I've noticed and increase in drool and crankiness so maybe soon. 


Tyler said...

AWW she looks like a very happy little girl :)

Haley Barr said...

That second to last picture...omg! Those eyes are going to get her whatever she wants! She looks so happy :)

Baby Sister said...

I love that second to last picture. So cute!! I can't believe she's already 8 crazy!!

Sean Marie said...

It's been so fun watching her grow! I remember when you took her one month photo next to that tiger and I thought that tiger was HUGE. Now I see that she was just a tiny little thing then. She's getting so big. :) I wish I had her eye color!



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