Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chloe Plays with her Food

There are so many big Chloe milestones happening lately, but I haven't even done her 8 month update yet, and they've all happened SINCE the 8 month cut off. So my OCD won't let me talk about them yet. But they are awesome. 

Once thing that hasn't been awesome lately is her hate of baby food. For a few days, she decided she was done with her bottle. She would drink it through the night, but that was that. She got over that, but now wants nothing to do with her baby food. Today she is finally getting better, but it's been almost a week of fighting with her to eat. 

Yesterday, after trying and failing to feed her supper, I gave up, stripped off her clothes and let her play with her food. I had hopes that she'd put her hands in her mouth and at least eat some of it, but no luck. She did have fun for awhile though.

The beginning - just a little mess

Hard at work

Having so much fun! 

Making a mess is hard work

Good times all around. 


Sean Marie said...

Oh my gosh, she looks so much like you in the second picture! I never thought about the phases kids go through while eating. I know they become picky eaters when they're a bit older but I didn't know they did it this young. Sheesh... the things us parents have to go through. Good thing they're so damn cute!

Baby Sister said...

Lol. She looks so adorable!!

Stephanie said...

Looks like she is having a blast! I need to loosen up a bit and let Chloe play with her food too sometimes. I know I read somewhere that it's good to let babies learn to feed themselves, I just can't imagine the mess! I hope she gets back on track with her bottles and food. She may just be more interested eating off of your plate now. :)

Jayme said...

She's so sweet!

Lili hated baby food. HATED. Would not eat it at all. BUT she was content with finger foods she could pick up herself, Cheerios, cut up bananas, avocados, mushy pasta, etc.



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