Friday, July 13, 2012

A long string of bad luck

By the time this evening rolls around, I will have completed an entire week of bad luck. 

It all started last Friday night. I had the flu. My biggest fear is getting sick and it happened. Several times. Once Saturday morning. 

I honestly thought there wasn`t anything that could happen that would top that.

I tried to catch up on sleep, but that didn`t work out. Chloe`s been a bit crankier than usual, and has been waking up usually twice a night these past couple of nights. That I could handle, even though it hasn`t been fun, exactly. I made a 4 hour trip with boyfriend and two babies, which his mostly slept through and mine mostly whined through. 

And still the week went downhill from there. 

On the way to work Wednesday morning, my car started smoking. We thought it just needed anti-freeze. The anti-freeze leaks out fast enough to leave a trail when the car moves. Thus, I am car-less for now, and will have to pay to get it fixed. 

I have less than a week before I have a lot of travelling to do for a wedding and its preparations. I have prescriptions to be picked up, we need milk, and the only person I have to rely on during daytime hours is my sister, who is about as reliable is a child. 

Boyfriend has helped out in ways that he can, but his work schedule, while lovely for spending time together, has changed so that he`s gone early enough in the morning, and finishes work just as Chloe goes to bed.

I`m getting headaches just trying to figure everything out, and praying that it doesn`t cost so much that it uses up all my savings. 

It`s kind of like the harder I try to get ahead, the further I get behind. I wish this streak of bad luck would end already.


Sean Marie said...

This post seems appropriate for Friday the 13th.

Sorry you've had a bad week. At least it's forced you to finally post something though. :p

Baby Sister said...

I hope your car repairs don't cost too much!!



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