Thursday, April 26, 2012

Parenting & Baby Truths

The harder you try to be quiet and not wake a sleeping baby, the more likely you are to knock something off a shelf or trip over a chair. Or anything really. 

The less she naps, the more tired you are.

Bibs should be full body length. The baby will always find an uncovered area of clothing to spit the food on.

It would make more sense if babies absorbed food through their chin. Or nose. Or cheeks. Because really, more of it ends up there than in their mouth anyway. 

The more annoying the toy, the more the baby will like it.

Picking baby boogers out will turn into a game.

Catching a bunch of spit up in your hand is no big deal.

You're probably going to think almost every little thing your kid does is adorable and want to gush about him/her all the time. This will eventually annoy others. They may think your kid is cute, but probably not to the extent that you do. 

Throwing toys on the floor, out of their reach, and whining until you get that toy for them is a game that all babies learn. The most annoying game, but still a game to them. 

So many babies eventually only want to cuddle when their sick. Soak up those newborn cuddles as much as you can. 

Babies also eventually stop falling asleep in your arms so often. Soak up those moments too. 

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Rachel said...

I am a mother, and when you have a baby, your whole life changes. It becomes more difficult, but it is such an amazing experience. Sometimes problems arise, but you can deal with them. Sometimes we need some help. I was looking around and I found and it really helped me.

Stephanie said...

These are great! Our idea for a bib is one that goes all the way around, like what a joker wears on a deck of cards, know what I'm talking about...anyone? Chloe always turns her head and the big gets turned and it never fails that's when she makes a mess down the front of her clothes.

Noelle said...

Last night Emily wanted nothing to do with cuddling before I put her to bed and it made me so so sad!

SG to SP said...

Your child will inevitably puke on you or themselves within minutes of getting yourself or them dressed.

Your child will inenvitably have a massive blowout when you are about to leave the house and are running late.

Your child will refuse to sleep on the nights when you are the most tired but sleep great on the nights when you toss and turn and can't sleep.

Sean Marie said...

My kid isn't even 6 months and I can concur with all of this. I've seen every one of my nieces and nephews go through it. The spitting up, toys that aren't toys yet they want to play with, the throwing and picking up game. It's like all babies come programmed the same!



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