Monday, August 8, 2011

Baby Thoughts and Baby Lists

Lately I feel like there just aren't near enough hours in a day to get everything done that I'd like to. Now that may be because I actually have to spend more time laying down than usual, but it still bothers me. The swollen feet are still tolerable 85% of the time, but sometimes I have to stop whatever I'm doing and put the feet up for awhile. I am not a fan of this.

I need to make up some sort of cleaning schedule. I get stuck doing the same things so often, that I never get around to other things I want to get done. The basic tidying up is taking over the more complicated stuff - like cleaning the junk out of the baby's closet or organizing my craft area so I can actually find things.

I started doing the baby laundry. Three loads of laundry later, I still have enough clothes to make up half of a load left to do. That's JUST clothing. How did she ever get so much? God knows how many loads I'll have to do to get all the facecloths, blankets, bedding etc done. I wish the laundry room was right across from our apartment. I'm not a fan of the exercise of living on the third floor.

I believe we are going back to my hometown for maternity pictures on the 15th. Nothing fancy, just a new photographer getting started who I went to high school with. Still something I'd like to get done while I'm pregnant. I'll save the more expensive professional photo sessions to spend on baby girl herself.

I got my pregnancy emails yesterday from Babycenter and The, and I know I've been telling people all week that I had 7 weeks left, but seeing '34 weeks' and '6 weeks left' still amazed me a little. Especially since one of the emails assured me that if I was worried about pre-term labor, babies that are born after the 34 week mark normally turn out just fine as long as they have no other medical issues. So I could potentially have a healthy baby any day. This is scary shit stuff.

This was supposed to be random, but it wasn't too random was it? More like it was all about this nameless baby hogging all the space in my lower belly.

Random baby shower photo.

Baby to-do List:
  • Finish all laundry
  • Pack bigger baby clothes away in a bin
  • Finish the Super Mario Stars for the wall
  • Hang the piranha plant on the wall
  • Start (and finish) the Super Mario Hills to hang on the walls
  • Finish the baby blocks
  • Finish painting the white shelf
  • Finish Bob-omb lamp
  • Find a white bookshelf
  • Wipe down all the baby furniture - crib especially
  • Set the crib bedding up
  • Soon pack my hospital bag

Baby to-buy List:
  • Change pad fitted sheet
  • Pack and play fitted sheet
  • Bottle set
  • Possible breast pump, and any other breast feeding supplies
  • Bumper pads
  • Possible bassinet
  • Stroller (won't need for a few months, I think)
  • Waterproof mattress pad
  • Toy box
  • White bookshelf
  • Diaper bag
  • Baby book
  • Princess fitted crib sheet
  • One more pack of receiving blankets


Melissa said...

Time is going by fast - I remember when you announced you were pregnant, can't believe you're only (potentially) 6 weeks away.

No ideas on names yet at all?

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

6 weeks, WOW!! Getting closer, yay! Seeing that list totally reminds me of how I was doing 10 weeks ago. Glad you have time to get it all done, hopefully you'll post nursery and maternity pics when you get them :)

SG to SP said...

I can't believe you could have a baby in the next few weeks, though hopefully she'll go full term!

a. said...

can't wait for her to arrive!

Baby Sister said...

So crazy how fast it's going!! Good luck with your plans!! I hope you get it all done in time...

Shelley said...

You look great, mama!



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