Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm not on bed rest, but if I was it would kill me

At 34 weeks, I finally feel really pregnant. 

I'll save the gruesome details for my pregnancy update in a few days but  basically I waddle, my swollen feet force me to lay down several times a day, I wake up at 11am but still take a nap around noon because I feel that tired, and add on to that a new toothache. 

I'm going a bit crazy. 

Laying in bed drives me crazy. I've watch so many episodes of The OC this week that I'm soon going to start thinking I'm one of the characters or something. Theresa, maybe, since I'm at the end of season one where she finds out she's pregnant. I am so bored with laying in bed watching tv. 

I can sit at my desk and work on projects and such for a little while, but then even just sitting down my feet start to feel so huge that it eventually gets too uncomfortable to even sit up. 

I should really drag my computer to bed with me so I have a little more to do. I don't really blog anymore, I just check in once a day to see if of my favorite blogs have updated and especially to see how baby Emily is doing, but I don't stay on long. 

I did a photo shoot while I was staying with my grandfather last weekend and I still haven't even begun to edit those photos so I can show them to the family. 

I feel behind. I feel uncomfortable. And I feel incredibly bored. 

I don't enjoy being forced to lay in bed for much of the day, but since the alternative is being at work, I guess I'll take it. 

I have about 6 weeks left, as long as I don't go crazy before then. 

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If only the view from my bed was a little more like this. 


Baby Sister said...

Sounds awful. :( I hope you survive the next 6ish weeks!!

a. said...

6 weeks....or 3 1/2?! who knows but I better be on speed dial. try reading a bit more or playing games with someone if they are around while layign in bed like yathzee or crazy eights.

Caro said...

I went through all seasons of the OC this winter when I was on sick leave. Cute little story. I hope you feel better soon.



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