Monday, April 30, 2012

The Typical Weekend Recap

There are lots of great comments on my last post, Parenting and Baby Truths, so go read and join in if you haven't already. Babies are fun. 

You know what's not fun? Junk mail. I've been getting crazy amounts of it lately and it's really making me self-conscious about my penis size. 

Another weekend is gone. I know I say this almost every Monday, but the way time speeds by is really leaving me stunned at times. 

Boyfriend of mine moved on Saturday. To an apartment awesomely close to where I live. Close enough that if I liked to cross busy highways, I could walk there, but far enough away that I probably never will. He told me that since we are living a little closer, I'll probably see a little more of him. So get out now if I want. I definitely don't want out, and the idea of seeing him more than a couple of times a week for a few hours makes me pretty happy. 

I was home Saturday night with Chloe, so after boyfriend was done moving him and his friend showed up to keep me company. For maybe the first time ever, I played an actual game of poker with live people, instead of just a phone game. I actually enjoyed it, and not just because I won. 

Because he wasn't working Sunday, and didn't have his daughter we went out to eat at a real restaurant, and it was the first time that it was just us and Chloe. My little girl played happily in the high chair the entire time, flirting with the waitresses and throwing her toys around the floor for everyone to pick up. She's such a an amazing girl, but of course I would think so. 

Now another wonderful weekend is over, it's Sunday night (or Monday morning by the time this will be posted) and I had a lovely Skype call with two of my oldest friends, and I'm finally off to bed. 

How was your weekend? 


An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Glad you had another great weekend!!! Junk mail does suck and I get a TON of it, bleh

Sean Marie said...

HA! You're lucky that junk makes it to your inbox. I went through mine and found that there were hot, lonely housewives waiting for me. I mean who was trying to prevent that from happening?



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