Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Monday

Another weekend is gone. They just seem to go by faster and faster each time.

This was the weekend Chloe was at her father's for the night, so I had the entire day to myself Saturday. I did a little shopping, had some coffee, cleaned a bunch, and relaxed. That's pretty much a typical child-free day for me.

Saturday night I went to a party with boyfriend. I drank, he didn't. Drinking makes the night fly by and all of a sudden it was 3 am, then the next thing I knew we woke up and he was gone. I didn't leave my bed until 3pm, and was back in bed by 10. It was truly lovely. 

Now it's yet another Monday, with a long week of nothingness stretching ahead. 

Funny how nothingness seems to go by just as fast. I wish time would slow down.


An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Love Chloes outfit, so cute!

WhisperingWriter said...

The party sounds like fun. When I drink I get extra chatty.



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