Thursday, April 19, 2012


This is me, currently. And by currently, I mean last night when this post was originally written. So maybe not everything is completely current.

READING: Bet Me - Jennifer Crusie
I've been reading it for almost a month but I'm just starting to get into it. I'm so slow to get into books lately, but once I do I get through them kind of quickly. This seems like it won't be an exception. 

WATCHING: Gossip Girl. I'm watching season 4 right now, and can't wait to get caught up on season 5. I have no idea what's currently happening so if you do, don't say a word! Besides Gossip Girl, I've also started watching Dexter with the boyfriend. At first I enjoyed it because it was something we always did together, but now I'm really into it and would watch it on my own but I was told I'm not allowed to. We're just at the beginning of season 2. I also watch Mad About You on Netflix most nights before bed. 

WORKING ON: Getting back into scrapbooking. I've been toying with a page using Chloe's picture with Santa, but I can't find something I like enough to glue it all together. I got more photos printed today to finish up all my pregnancy pages, and my baby shower. 

THINKING ABOUT: What I have to get done tomorrow (laundry, not much else) and the weekend, and how much more cleaning I'll be doing while Chloe is gone this weekend. How it is exactly 6 months away from my 25th birthday. Crazy stuff. 

LISTENING TO: The radio coming from the kitchen. I leave it on a lot now. It's better than silence, although I hate the repetitiveness that is almost any radio station. This particular one is country music, of course. 

EATING: I just finished eating nachos, followed by a tiny bit of ice cream. And water. 

WISHING: It was already the weekend. That Chloe doesn't wake up at midnight tonight like she's done the past two nights. I'd rather at least get a couple hours of sleep before she wakes up through the night. That way, she might also sleep later. One can hope. 

ABOUT TO: Facebook creep one last time, go to my room and read and watch Netflix until bed. 

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Sean Marie said...

I hate the radio too. And I wish I could find the motivation to scrapbook again. I have SO many pictures now that I just said screw it and bought a photo album.



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