Monday, January 16, 2012

Jolly Jumper Fun and a Visit with Grandfather

Monday holds so much hate for some people, and back in my days of school and Monday to Friday jobs, I felt the same. I can't quite put my finger on why, but Monday has been one of my favorite days lately.

Today, we're visiting my mom then tomorrow finally heading back home, and this time we won't be leaving for awhile.

Our weekend with my grandfather was great. He was so happy to see her. He spent almost every waking minute talking to her or playing with her. I took him with us to get our photos done, so we got him in a few of them. Of course I took a couple of the two of them myself : )

Today was Chloe's first time in her Jolly Jumper. She's loving it so far. It's nice to have a new toy for her to play in. 

If you have any handmade projects or recipes you've blogged about lately, link them up at VB Creations.

How was your weekend?


Sean Marie said...

That's a great photo of the two of them! Glad she got to visit her great grandpa. (BTW, you guys DEFINITELY are related. You looks so much alike.) And that little baby contraption looks like fun!

Nicole J @ Pampers and Pumps said...

You are both so lucky to have an amazing grandfather in your lives. So glad he got to spend the weekend with little miss!

Haley said...

Tagged you over at my blog :)

Baby Sister said...

Looks like a nice weekend. Chloe looks adorable in that jumper. :)

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Aww so sweet! Glad you had such a great visit. Those are gonna be some great memories for her.

Connie said...

Chloe looks so much like you! So pretty!



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