Wednesday, December 21, 2011

9 of my Loves

Nine Loves

(Leaving out the obvious - family and friends)

{ 1 } Christmas baking. I've had all the cookies, squares and chocolates a girl can dream of right at my disposal.

{ 2 } Christmas movies - they're really getting me in the mood. Love Actually is my new favorite.

{ 3 } Sleep. I can't complain much, because lately the daughter has been sleeping great. But to get to go to bed at whatever time I want and get up at whatever time I want? That would be pure heaven.

{ 4 } Tv shows on dvd. I talk about them too often, but they are so great. I love nothing more than watching a show from beginning to end, without having to wait for the next episode on tv. Plus I can watch them over and over again. An expensive addiction, but I love it so much. 

{ 5 } Learning photography. I've ignored it for months and months, due to this whole new baby thing, but over the weekend I came across some tips on Pinterest, then played around with my camera to try and figure them out. I didn't get the results I wanted, but I learned a little bit more about working my SLR camera. 

{ 6 } My own bed. It's so comfy and I sure do miss it after spending a few nights on Mom's pull-out couch. 

{ 7 } Free samples. Similar sends out free samples so I ordered one to be sent here and mom got one sent to her place. I just got the two of them today. Two sample cans = one regular can, which means lots of $$$ saved. 

{ 8 } Presents. Call me greedy and missing the meaning of Christmas, but I am so excited to see what Chloe got for Christmas from anyone. I'm not as concerned with my presents :p

{ 9 } Arby's. Such a strange thing to put on a 'love' list, but I love Arby's, and I can only have it when I go to visit A., which doesn't happen nearly enough. I was reminded of this love whenever they sent me a BOGO coupon in my email. Totally printing that off to use when I go up there in the new year. 

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Baby Sister said...

Oh yes, good list. I agree with everything. :)



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