Thursday, December 22, 2011

She's not just a baby anymore

We're are getting so close to hitting the three month mark on Chloe's life. On Christmas day. 

It's been a crazy three months. A surprise c-section, six weeks of recovery, a million naps, and so many lost hours of sleep. So many firsts - first smile, first (and only) laugh, first time rolling onto her side, first Thanksgiving, Halloween, and now Christmas. 

Those nights of so little sleep seem like a million years ago. That first month of her life was probably the hardest one of mine. It seemed like I would never sleep more than a couple of hours at a time again, but I did. It seemed like I would never be able to relax while she was in my care, but I did. She's now a much happier baby, most of the time, and a much better sleeper, most of the time. We have our rough days - when she barely naps, when she has her meltdowns in the car while I'm driving, when she wakes up four times a night for no apparent reason. 

But she's not just a crying, pooping, sleeping baby anymore. She's a baby girl with her own little personality. She has her likes - her play mat, bath time, sucking on her fingers. She has her dislikes - going in the car, being burped when she's still hungry, missing naps. She has a different cry when she's scared, or pissed off, or hurt - but luckily I've only heard that one twice and I can't remember why. She smiles when I talk to her. She smiles sometimes when I just look at her. Sometimes when she's laying on my lap eating, I'll look down at her and she's just staring right at me like I'm her favorite person in the world. 

Which is pretty great because she's actually my favorite person in the world. 


SG to SP said...

Aww she's growing so fast. Mine isn't even here yet and I'm already dreading how quickly it's going to go by.

Iris Flavia said...

Sounds so very amazing! Guess it is, too :-)
And moments are to come, my Niece is 16 months now and oh so cute and learning new stuff. And I see her way too seldom, sadly.

Baby Sister said...

3 months. Crazy!! It's so fun to watch her grow up. :)



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