Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big Brother is over and fall shows are soon starting

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I haven't really talked much about TV on here. Consider yourselves lucky. I've been obsessed with Big Brother. 

And now it's over. I'm pretty sad about it, but couldn't be happier about how it ended. 

I've always been the type who tends to root for the underdog (I despise that saying though), so despite how incredibly immature and annoying they could be, I was a Brendon and Rachel fan last year, and again this year. It was nice that Brendon didn't go crazy this year and bully people like he did last year when Rachel was put out. Rachel's crying in the bushes and immature way of dealing with Daniele made up for it though. 

But through it all, I was still rooting for them. Well, no, I'll be honest. At one point (I don't remember what exactly it was they did) I was just hoping Jeff and Jordan would take the newbies' advice and put them up. They were even getting on my nerves. 

But Rachel won, and even though she pulled a lot of crazy, bitchy moves throughout the game, I think she totally deserved it. 

I was surprised that Jeff won the money for being America's favorite player. I figured it would be someone like Adam. Not that I can blame people for voting for him. I mean, he did show up in my dreams a few nights ago. Nothing dirty, I promise. 

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So my summer of tv is over. I'm sure I could get back into my old favorites like How I Met Your Mother, Desperate Housewives, and Big Bang Theory, but having missed so much of all of their previous seasons (from working night shifts) I'd probably be lost. 

I can't believe it's the last ever season of Desperate Housewives though. Although they are kind of running out bad things that could possibly happen to these people. Hopefully there'll be some big shockers in this season. 

It might be time to get into some new shows, since I'll be spending the next year at home anyway. 

What shows are you excited about this fall? 


Caro said...

I watch only a few episode of Bog Brother this year, not really as fun as a few years back with Marcelus and Amy.

Kendra said...

I am not a big tv person but I do love covert affairs and numbers!

Baby Sister said...

Never watched Big Brother, but I am super excited for my falls shows to start again!!

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

I think Rachel deserved to win too, she really played the best game especially compared to Porsche (yuck). I'm still shocked Adam didn't vote for her, I love how the crowd reacted when they read his votes, sounds like they were surprised too!



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