Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Samantha Who?

I have a new favorite show. Lucky for me, this one is a short one. 

I've gotten sucked into Desperate Housewives, House, Gilmore Girls, and those are LONG (seven seasons each, so far). My new favorite show is Samantha Who?, and it's a half-hour show, and only 2 seasons long. It ended in 2009. 

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Samantha (played by Christina Applegate) gets into a car accident and wakes up with amnesia. She can't remember anything about herself. It fun watching her learn about her old, evil self, and try to be a better person. It's also keeps me interested by making me wonder what's going to happen between her and ex-boyfriend, Todd, played by Barry Watson, who I have not seen since his 7th Heaven days. 

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It also stars Melissa McCarthy as Samantha's best friend from childhood. She played Sookie in Gilmore Girls and her character in Samantha Who? is similar, and just as lovable.

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There is also an appearance from Mary-Kate Olsen for one episode. Yay..? I was a bit surprised. Didn't know either of the Olsen twins had done any acting in the past few years. 

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I'm currently in the middle of watching season 2 of this show and I'll be sad when it's over. 

Have you seen this show before? 


Debbie said...

I never watched it but I thought it got good reviews. I'm surprised it was only 2 seasons long.

Baby Sister said...

I always wanted to, but I never did watch it. If I had known Sookie was in it, that might have given me greater incentive to watch it. :)



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