Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Photos, Lately

Starting right now, I plan to block out everything that's been bothering me lately, for the next 24 hours or so. It's my day off, and unlike my last one, I hope to enjoy it a little more. 

Without thinking, I'm just going to post photos of what I've been up to lately, that for some reason didn't make it into the blog.

So going along with my plan to think only happy thoughts, here is my favorite little boy who plays a big part in brightening up some of my days. 

Like when he visited for a half an hour yesterday, gave me big hugs, and asked me when I was going to go pick him up to visit. If only I could pick him up to visit everyday. 

I finally got a few pictures of him the other day when he was visiting. We went out to eat with mother and boyfriend. Little B decided to try a lemon. Obviously it didn't taste great but he kept trying it anyway. 

[ April 9, 2011 ]

[ Same shirt, different day, making his 'I'm mad at you!' face. March 21 ]

[ Did you know my best friend is practically the cake boss? March 26 ]

[ New camera lens finally made its appearance - I have yet to practice with it too much though. March 28 ]

Obviously I haven't been up to a whole lot. Coming up in my life:
  • April belly photos - Month #4 (See: January, February & March)
  • First real baby doctor appointment - April 19
  • First ultrasound!
  • Better weather! 
  • Photoshoot with new camera lens (hopefully soon!)
  • Best friend's wedding weekend beginning May 5
  • Moving in with boyfriend - End of May
Lots of excitement. 


Baby Sister said...

That cake looks delicious!!

Nicole J said...

Are you loving the new camera? I hope so!

a. said...

haha, love that I am the cake boss but only the cake boss of Turtle Creek

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Ok the pics of the little guy with the lemon totally made me laugh, love it!! And it sounds like you've got some really great things coming up...yay!!! Can't wait to hear about the baby appointment and ultrasound and moving in with the BF! So exciting!



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