Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pregnancy, so far

I think I am approximately 6 weeks pregnant.
This week's major developments: The nose, mouth, and ears that you'll spend so much time kissing in eight months are beginning to take shape. If you could see into your uterus, you'd find an oversize head and dark spots where your baby's eyes and nostrils are starting to form. His emerging ears are marked by small depressions on the sides of the head, and his arms and legs by protruding buds. His heart is beating about 100 to 160 times a minute — almost twice as fast as yours — and blood is beginning to course through his body. His intestines are developing, and the bud of tissue that will give rise to his lungs has appeared. His pituitary gland is forming, as are the rest of his brain, muscles, and bones. Right now, your baby is a quarter of an inch long, about the size of a lentil.  [ via Baby Center

Here are some before (aka right after I found out I was pregnant) belly photos taken January 16th:

Now, I can tell there's a difference in my belly. If I'm hungry, it seems pretty normal but as soon as I eat a little, I balloon out. When I'm full? I look quite pregnant. 

I use the bathroom about a million times a day. It's annoying, but I know it's only going to get worse. A lot of mornings I wake up just fine, but some mornings I wake up feeling sick for the first few minutes, sometimes lasting about 20 minutes. Usually it's on mornings that I wake up before my body wants to be awake. 

There's been a little increase in appetite. No crazy cravings yet - I've just been drinking a ton of chocolate milk and always wanting ice cream, but none of that is new to me. 

I've always slept a lot and hated getting out of bed in the mornings, but lately when I do get up it takes a lot longer for my body to wake up and a lot longer for me to have any kind of energy. I feel pretty blah and tired a lot of the time. It doesn't help that some nights I'm up at least once every hour.

So far it's been pretty easy. I hope it stays this way. 


Baby Sister said...

Good luck on the whole staying easy part. :) You have such a cute little itty bitty bump!!

Salt said...

You're so cute. I have a feeling that even when you are seriously pregnant, you are going to be one of those women that I look at and think "crap I hope I look like that when I'm seriously pregnant".

a. said...

Make sure you try to eat healthy so you don't feel blah and get more energy to give to the baby!
What a perfect post for right now, watch your mailbox ;)

Holly said...

Happy Baby! I wish you a healthy and easy pregnancy! I did not take photos when I was pregnant and I so regret it.

Sandra said...

Oh enjoy! It's a terrific time!
You are so tiny! You are going to look absolutely adorable with the bump!

Nicole J said...

Congrats on the new addition! Best of luck!



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