Monday, February 14, 2011

V-Day Nonsense

Happy V-day everyone!

V stands for Venassa, if you didn't know. Yup, it's my day. 

I celebrated it by doing a little free shopping. Free shopping is the best kind of shopping. Free shopping is what happens when you exchange something and get to pick out all new things. In my case, I was exchanging a dress I bought (first one) around Christmas, that I never got to wear. I love the dress, but it just fits now. I don't know if I'll ever be completely this size again after the pregnancy, so I figured I'd be safe and exchange it. 

It's kind of weird trying on clothes in a dressing room and sticking a bunched up shirt underneath to see how it'll do when the baby bump gets here. Here's one of the three shirts I got:

I love pink polka dots.

I don't think I'm doing much to celebrate Valentine's Day today. 

We went out for a Valentine's day dinner Friday night to a new diner downtown. Rufus and Rory's, it was called. The food was good, and generously portioned. I'd like to go back and test out more of their menu. 

Valentine's day makes me want to make cupcakes with pink and red icing and hearts drawn on them. I'm sure I would if I had all ingredients to make them. 

Tell me of your Valentine's day plans.


magnolia said...

we did our big valentine's day dinner last weekend, so as not to get caught up in the crowds. tonight, we're going to do something simple and easy. that's the only way to do it.

Jayme said...

So far today I spent a half hour in the school pick up line getting Lili and an hour at Walmart. exciting stuff!

Baby Sister said...

Cute tank top!! And I want the cupcakes too...

a. said...

I spent the evening in bed sick while my wonderful fiance took care of me, bringing me juice and rubbing a cold face cloth on my back. He also brought home a rose, so he definitely takes the prize for being the bes valentine ever!



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