Wednesday, December 29, 2010

There was no white Christmas

We were dreaming of a white Christmas, but we got a completely green one. The white part got started on Boxing Day, putting an end to plans I had with all my friends who all live away, but come back home for Christmas. 

After the 'white' we got a lot of rain, followed by another snow storm. I was dreaming of a white Christmas. It doesn't mean I was dreaming of a white new year, Mother Nature. 

Has anyone ever worn plastic bags over their socks to escape from wet boots/shoes? Yeah, that was me tonight. 

Snow is pretty and can be fun and all, but I'm a summer girl. 

I haven't felt much like blogging lately - reading or writing. 

I guess I'm just tired of reading about Christmas. Writing about Christmas. Seeing pictures of Christmas trees. I am the Grinch, just a few days past the actual date. (Note: if you're reading this, I probably don't mean you - I've been looking forward to reading about a few of your Christmases!)

But one last Christmas thing? Part of my Christmas gifts were gift cards to my favorite store. I ended up buying two dresses. This is the one I think I'll be wearing to my work Christmas party in January (who has a Christmas party in January, anyway?):

It looks darker in person. The second dress is a bit shorter and the material is a little light so you see the space between my legs when I'm wearing it. You can't see right through it but still, it is a little weird. I will need to find something to wear underneath it, but I think it will be my New Year's Eve dress. I couldn't find an exact picture but it's a basic one-shoulder black dress, somewhat like this:

Just minus the bedazzling on the shoulder and the way it seems to cris-cross in the front a little. It is a tiny bit longer, as well. 

But that is my excitement lately, plus being sent home from work last night because the boss accidentally scheduled two of us to work the same night and no one noticed until we both showed up. It's nice to have an extra night off. 

As for my Christmas, maybe I should mention it a little. It was just nice to see my nephew so excited about all of his toys. He got a ton of toys and once he opened one he didn't care at all about the others. It was also nice spending time with my grandfather. He seemed happy to just be hanging out with the family. He kept saying "J'aime ca." which is basically him saying he loves this, in French. Did I mention before that he speaks a little bit more, only it's all in French? Any improvement makes me happy though. 

Now tell me, what was the highlight of your Christmas?


a. said...

The highlight of my Christmas was hosting Christmas dinner and my centerpiece and table settings looked great and the turkey turned out fantastic, so it was all enjoyed by my family :)

Baby Sister said...

This has been a miserable Christmas just because it wasn't white...

But the highlight of Christmas is definitely the spending time with my family.

ModernMom said...

We had an UBER white Christmas here. Lots of shoveleing. If I could send you some snow I would!
Highlight of my Christmas...the whole fam around the dinner table...giggling about gifts and happy to be together. Sappy but true!

Anonymous said...

I like the new layout and design!

Our weather was pretty similar. The night of Boxing Day it just came down and we got like 2 feet of snow here.

Glad to hear your grandfather is doing better!

Lourie said...

oh man the highlight??? That is hard. Just being with family and the laughs we shared.

Carri said...

The highlight to my Christmas was that it WASN'T a white Christmas! But it never has been and never will be anyway.
That picture is beautiful, though. I'm too much of a sissy to go anywhere near it.
Very cute blog! I'm a new follower as of today!



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