Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My 30 Photos - Part 2

11. a person you can tell everything to:

12. a picture of your everyday life:

I work.

13. a picture from a place you love:

The CN Tower didn't excite me much, but I loved being in Ontario, and my short time in Toronto. It was my first time anywhere far from home.

14. a picture that reminds you of great times:

I was SO sick this entire weekend that my friends were visiting - it wasn't anything that kept me in bed but it was a bad enough fever that I was pretty high on cold medication. Regardless, I had a blast. Here, we were hanging out in Zellers like it was a regular day at home.

15. a class photo: 

Kindergarten! I'm the one in the white dress with the flower on my right shoulder - I'm middle-left of the photo.

16. a picture from the best day of your life:

I have a hard time picking out a 'best', but the day my nephew was born is definitely one of the best days of my life.

17. a picture that always makes you laugh:

Note: The boy did not get hurt.

18. a picture of your spare time:

Sometimes in my spare time I go 'shopping' just to try on weird clothes with wings instead of sleeves.

19. a photo from a great night:

An awesome night out with old friends. We were all over the place that night. This is me in my chef's hat at Sarah's dorm. February 2007.

20. a picture of the people who are closest to you:

I don't like this one because I know there's no one picture of the people closest to me but whatever. I picked three pictures.

View: Part one

If you play along, too, let me know! 


Baby Sister said...

Love the pictures. :)

Lourie said...

LOL "wings" hahaha



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