Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My 30 Photos - Part 1

Everyone's been doing this, and I am not one to be left out. 30 photos. Plain and simple. Originally stolen from Sometimes Sweet. Here's part one of three.

01. someone you spend a lot of time with:

Since boyfriend would be the obvious answer but he's mentioned below, I picked mother for this one. After all, we do currently live together, but I still don't see her as much as one would think. We work complete opposite schedules.

02. a picture of you:

Christmas 2010.

03. a random picture of you and your sig. other:

Nothing more random than an old webcam photo.

04. a picture of something that makes you happy:

Seeing Pepe up and joking around. A stroke can't knock this guy out of commission.

05. an old picture of you:

It's one of the oldest ones I could find. It's in high school - the day of my 16th birthday. Nicole, Me and Sheldon.

06. a picture of your sibling:

Sibling? I've got two, and they're twins. This would be them back in 2009, brother's high school graduation night.

07. a picture you never posted on your blog before:

Here's a random. Me and the pants from hell. This would've been my second year of college. I lived in an apartment with two roommates - one male and one female. These were Cody's ugly black silk pj pants that I HATED. Eventually, I got to throw them out, but I think it was still a long time after this picture. Once, I hid them on him for a long time.

08 . a picture of a person you miss:

Two of my best  friends.

09 . a picture of people who know you now and then:

I've known Scott since 2002, and Sarah since God knows when.. probably 2000, and they are now the only close friends I have that still live on the island. Out of the friends that know me the best right now, they've known me the longest.

10 . a picture of your favorite place:

My favorite place, and my favorite person.


Anonymous said...

Hah, I was just over at a's blog (Everyday Life with All its Craziness) and there's a picture of you there. :) And those silk pj pants - they are just awful!

Ashley said...

Oh I LOVE this idea, I have never seen it so yeah! I will have to do it sometime. You are super cute, thanks for stopping by so I could find you..newest follower!

Baby Sister said...

Lol. Those pants are hilarious!!

Lourie said...

OMG those pants!!! hahaha. I love the beach.



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