Thursday, March 3, 2011

Money & Healthy Food Ideas

I mentioned tax day, earlier in the week. I was a bit scared, but it turns out tax day was another huge success. And without making a huge purchase like last year (my DSLR), I've had lots of money to throw around. I'm proud to say that the money I did spend so far, I put to good use.


  • Still have money in my bank account
  • Paid off a bill and half of another, and paid money I owed mother
  • Put a little over $100 on my credit card
  • Have a large sum in savings to be put towards a new camera lens, already ordered
  • Put a nice amount away that I need for my best friend's upcoming wedding
  • Bought some household items that we need for the apartment, but have been putting off
  • Got my nails done, as I mentioned
  • Wasted, of course, a tiny bit of money eating out

And I get paid tomorrow. Which means pay all bills, put more money on credit card and buy food. And I need to buy a pair of black sweatpants as mine basically have my knees printed in them. Yeah, that old. 

I have a 'healthier food' shopping list put together of food that I like that are good for me, found in my pregnancy book. Eating healthy was hard  for me when I didn't have a solid reason to do so. Now that I need to eat healthy, well, it's almost harder. I just need to get back into a cooking routine and I think I'll be okay. 

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What's your favorite healthy food? I could use more ideas. 


Anonymous said...

I really like steamed veggies. And instead of ice cream, sometimes I'll buy sherbet instead. Has practically nothing in it (seriously, zero fat, zero calories). Good luck with the healthy eating!

Baby Sister said...

That's an awesome list that you got accomplished. Well done. :) Steamed veggies...salads. Love them!!

Jayme said...

Peas! I love peas in everything. Frozen straight out of the bag. Cold, on salads. In soups, stews, casseroles. In a giant bowl alone... YUM

Anonymous said...

All of the above comments are GREAT! I too love steamed veggies, peas, sherbet, etc... I didn't change my eating habits too much, I just eat more often now. Instead of eating nothing between 9am and 3pm I now snack on carrots and whole fruits. I'm a picky eater so change is really hard for me.



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