Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Story of My Relationship

Call me lazy, but I'm scratching my last '30 Days of Truths' list, and starting over with a new, more exciting 30 day list. This one being the 30 Day Challenge. I stole it from Rasha at 'and this is what she said'. It goes a little something like this:

This one looks like so much more fun! (Note: I'll probably stretch it out for much longer than 30 days, as I'd like to keep track of my current life every now and then)

But here goes. Day one tells me I'm supposed to talk about my relationship, or if single discuss the single life. 

I am in a relationship, as most of you may know. I speak of boyfriend in all of these posts, but I'm going to pretend you know nothing, and start from there, okay? 

I met B. back in 2009, in April to be exact. We started speaking a few weeks before that. It sounds strange, that we spoke before we met, right? We met online. 

I don't speak of the 'online' part a whole lot, because even though I have an online dating success story, I'm still not a big fan of the idea. 

We met in April, because as it turned out, he moved into the apartment building across from mine. How could we not meet, when we found that out? We were one of those couples that almost became inseparable. We were together every free night we had. 

When two completely opposite people get together, it takes a lot of time and effort to get to that happy medium stage. Now, we know all the right buttons to push to make the other person mad, so we can avoid doing it. Or do it on purpose, as I know I've done. Back in the beginning, it was harder to be together, but we still made it work. 

We moved in together 5 months later, when both our leases were ending, and my roommate was leaving town. I really had no where else to go. We get along fine for awhile, but eventually things started to deteriorate, and neither of us did much about it. Long story short, I decided I wanted out. We lived together horribly for a little while, before he went and stayed with a friend until our lease was up, and so we started living apart, and still do now. At no point during our 'rough stage' did we ever stop talking long enough to feel broken up. Not long after we were living apart, we fell back into a dating routine. After four months of pain and confusion, we officially got back together. 

It's been months, and things are still much better than they've ever been. I'd like to say we're both happy, for the most part. We still have our fights and arguments, but they're easier to work through. And now? We're expecting a baby sometime in the fall. It's really funny sometimes how life just has a way of working itself out. 

[ 12/31/10 ]


William said...

Ewwwww. Bad picture of me. lol

Amanda said...

just keep working on "dating"..the first few weeks of a baby are really rough. From experience, I know I should have put aside more time to parent with my husband because we argued a lot that first few weeks, but we always tried to get out and have some fun together, even if it was with the baby! Great story, actually my husband and I "met" online, although we knew each other before.

Baby Sister said...

That's cool that you met online as well. :) I hear of more and more people that have done that. I'm glad I got to hear your story, and I hope that it has a happy ending. Just keep working at it I guess...some days I get tired of it, but then I remind myself that if I love Boyfriend enough, he's worth it.



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