Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Day the Crows Took Over

Have you ever had one of those neighbors that feeds stray animals and keeps them near you doorstep? Or maybe you lived in an apartment building and shared a doorstep with those neighbors. And maybe it was crows they were feeding. 

Yeah, the crows. 

I have no one, but two different neighbors in this 6 unit apartment building who will walk to the back door and throw bread or whatever out to the crows. I watched the old man do it once and they flocked like it was me running for candy. I thought THAT was crazy. 

Until I woke up this morning to what seemed like excessively loud crow noises. 

Now this was 7:15 AM, and it's not too light here by that time, so I had to wait to get pictures that weren't almost completely black. So I think some may have gotten away by this point. 

By the time I took the video, they spread out to all the near by threes... it's hard to see, but there are some on almost every tree you can see in this photo

Here's the video. I took a great one before this but it didn't save (damn technology!) I kept flashing my camera because when I did it earlier it made a big bunch of them fly around squawking like crazy. 

I'm thankful I sleep with a fan so I couldn't hear them, but I'm sure tons of people in the area could hear them.

So let this be a lesson. Don't be the neighbor that feeds the crows!


magnolia said...

gaah. that is so hitchcock it's not even funny...

Baby Sister said...

Wow...that's ridiculous...

Anonymous said...

When we lived on the beach we had days when the crows would gather like this. Once our entire yard was black with them. It was surreal.

Encore Bride said...

That is crazy, I would go crazy if I was trying to sleep in on a weekend...I hope they don't continue to come around so early :-(

Happy SITS weekend!

Saretta said...

The birds, the birds!!! Aaaaaaaahhhh! Have you thought of fighting back? I used to have a similar problem with pigeons (flying rats, in my opinion!), but couldn't do anything about it because the damn things are a protected species here in Italy!



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