Monday, January 31, 2011

How I Met Your Mother

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A show that I think I will always love.

How could you not fall in love with poor, hopeless romantic Ted?

Or Marshall and Lily, the most adorable couple ever.

I absolutely loved this show from the first time I saw it. Season one is amazing. I should know, I've watched it all a million times. It was the first show I ever bought on DVD, I loved it that much.

The first episode I ever watched wasn't the Pilot, it was 'The Duel'. But no matter where you jump in at season one - you're hooked. Whether it's the Pilot, where Ted sees a beautiful girl in the bar, Robin, and decides she's the ones he wants to marry. Or later on in the season when Barney approaches a girl from behind and dances with her all night, only to find out when she turns around that it's his cousin. Or when Ted and Marshall sword fight over who gets to keep their apartment once Marshall and Lily get married.

It's addicting.

Season two? Just as addicting. I think I may have loved season three just as much. But after that? It started to get cheesier by the episode. I still enjoy the show, and own all five seasons, but season 4-6 just get cheesier and stranger. I'm sad to admit it.

Barney is a tad bit annoying. The crazy emphasis on Robin's 'Canadian' traits are beyond annoying, especially to someone like me who is from Canada. Never in my life have I heard someone pronounce 'about' as "a boot'. EVER. I've also never heard anyone use the word 'hoser'.

Don't get me wrong - some of the newer episodes are great, but too many of them have a lot of annoying qualities.

No matter what, I'll always be a huge fan of the first few seasons of the show.

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Baby Sister said...

I've always been interested in this show. It sounds entertaining. Now I know to watch the first couple of seasons especially. :)



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