Friday, December 10, 2010

My Best Friend

My best friend - Day 6

I am one of those lucky people. In a way.

I don't have a lot of friends and acquaintances. I don't have someone that I can say tp 'Let's go out for coffee?' or something short notice like that. It leaves me a bit more bored and lonely than I'd like to admit at times.

But that's okay. I don't need a lot of friends. I am more better off than that. I have best friends, and I have more than one. I haven't given all of my best friends the recognition they deserve, but still I'm going to focus on just one friend, simply because we are being reunited this weekend.

I have introduced A. before. This is her blog, and this is the story of how we met.

So this is A. One of my closest friends for the past few years.

At first it was all just fun. We'd go out for random coffee dates or movie dates when we still lived in the same city. Now, sadly, we live two hours (and an expensive bridge drive) away from each other and our visits are a lot less often.

But no matter how little we see each other or even how little we talk, she's there for me no matter what. She's one of those friends where when something's wrong, I don't need to call her to talk because she'll find out, and she'll try to get a hold of me first. She'll listen to me complain about anything, no matter how redundant it is, and will still listen to every word and give me great advice afterwards. She's the one person I can vent to, without worrying about her judging me, or spreading it around.

She's the most forgiving person I've ever met. No matter how much someone hurts her, she can still forgive them in the end and still treat them like they are her best friend. She so often takes on the role of 'the bigger person' and will still be genuinely friendly to someone she knows doesn't like her, or says things behind her back. I truly admire her for this, because I could never do it. She's got a heart of gold.

She the type that cares more about her family and friends than trivial things. She's going to make an amazing mother today, and already is a great teacher. I'm so lucky to have her in my life.

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Baby Sister said...

I love having friends like that. They're the best kind. :)

Shell said...

What a wonderful friend!

Salt said...

She sounds wonderful! I used to have lots and lots of acquaintances and not many people that I considered very close friends, but I feel the same way about my one best friend as you do about A. I don't know what I would do without her and it's sad that she doesn't live right down the street from me so we could hang out more often.

I hope you had a fun weekend with her!

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

One good friend is better than a whole bunch of ho-hum friends!



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