Friday, May 28, 2010

The Story of Us

You might expect this to be some cute little love story about me and my boyfriend. Yeah, right. I'm not really the mushy-romantic type. I am, however, somewhat of the friendship-mushy type. I know a good thing when I see it, and this here, is a very good thing.

Let me introduce to you, my best friend. Her name is A. Well, obviously not just A., but that's how she will be named. We met in the cold, dark winter of 2006.


There are not very many pictures in 2006, because as you know, winter 2006 quickly turns into the new year of 2007. We met through a mutual friend, they met in college. Me and A. bonded over Sour Puss shots while she let me borrow her roommate's awesome purple shirt. 


I went to her sorority's ball with her and a bunch of friends. She hooked me up with the first pain-in-the-ass that I dated for a couple of months. No details needed there.

We had many drinks & good times in our first year of love friendship.There was lots of drama, some ups and downs. We also became neighbors that year! I was first floor, and she was third floor in our creepy Fredericton apartment building. Her place was newer/nicer than mine. Kind of unfair, if you ask me.


In 2008 we became much closer. We also celebrated St. Patrick's Day - barely (I was in bed by 10:30 - honest, there's no 'got-too-drunk' story there, I was just really tired).

We hit up another sorority ball! We even became roommates for a month. And when I say roommates, I mean she pulled a mattress into my bedroom, piled her things ceiling high in my corner (no lie!), and woke me up almost daily to her Britney Spears ringtone (grr).

Then something horrible happened! 

I moved away to my little island, putting 2 hours distance between us at best. Four hours when she was in school all year! But we had many amazing visits.

We also wore crowns for birthday celebrations - A'.s birthday 2008


A's birthday 2009, also the year we traded photo ID's thinking we were being funny. The bouncer did not agree.

In 2009 she got engaged! Just figured I'd throw that fact in there.


Now that I've given you a quick peek through our years of alcoholism & friendship, I'm going to tell you why I love my best friend, in pictures.

Because she's a hottie.

Because she takes awesome pictures with me at the dollar store.

Because we don't have to plan things, we just know (that it's going to be a green shirt/black pants day, aparently)

Because she drinks like a champ!

Because she's okay with looking like idiots together.

Because she washes my car.

She loves my nephew.

She introduced me to her fiance, R., who is now also one of my best friends.

So yeah.. she's pretty great. Definitely worth blowing up a couple hundred balloons for.


My Life in Purple said...

This is going to sound so random...but in your bar pic of 2009, are you at SweetWaters in F'ton?! If so, I am obviously an alcoholic and know my bars well ;)

Every girl needs 3 things to get through life: a little black dress, an awesome push-up bra, and one true best friend.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet post. You're very lucky to have such an awesome best friend.

Shell said...

Very sweet post! :)

Love the balloon. LOL

Noelle said...

I love this! Hooray for best friends!!! And you're lucky you like her fiancee too!!!



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