Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy birthday...

To these two crazy clowns. 

My brother and sister. The twins. The terrors. 

They're 20 today. 

So happy birthday to them! And congrats to my mother on giving birth 20 years ago. I only wish I could keep the tradition alive. 

Because it is, after all, my due date. 

Yeah, I'm 40 weeks pregnant. There's still a baby in my belly. If you told me a couple of weeks ago that I'd still be pregnant today, I would not have believed it. At least now the countdown is on. I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday. If she hasn't made an appearance by then, they will force her out. Maybe not the day of the appointment, but soon after. 

It's been weeks and weeks of swollen feet. Of being crazy tired. Of feeling a whole never level of hunger. Of not laying on my belly. Of not being able to roll over at night without sitting up to do it. Weeks and weeks of waiting. 

40 weeks. 

Fun Facts
- On my due date the scale reads 141.6 lbs. Almost 38lbs gained
- I finished the baby's room the day before
- There are 23 hours left to this day and I feel no changes yet

I don't think my baby's going to come on time. What do you think?


Jayme said...

You never know! My first was born an hour and 11 minutes after my first contraction :)

Marina said...

Happy birthday to your brother and sister.. Come on baby.. World is waiting for you :)

M.M said...

You never know... maybe you'll go into labor tonight :-)

SG to SP said...

First of all you do NOT look like you've gained 38lbs! That's seriously all in your belly.

Also, last year my friend had her dr. appt. in the morning, the doc said there was no change and it could still be a few days. Later that day at lunch her water broke and she gave birth early the next morning so you never know!!!

Rapuncela said...

cool screen :)

Shell said...

Happy birthday to them!

Hope that your baby comes soon!

Baby Sister said...

Happy Birthday to the twins. It certainly doesn't seem like she's going to come on time. Maybe she's going to be a rebel. :)

The Presutti's said...

hoping soon!



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