Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Randomness for October 6th

I'm not a fan of tv show theme songs.
Especially now that I started watching shows in marathon form.

I've had an energy drink almost every day this week.
In my defense, I usually only drink about half, within the 8 hour span of my work shift.
My goal is to give them up for a little while, starting when I finish this one.
So feel free to tell me how bad they are for me.

I'm trying to eat a bit better.
Mom made me an awesome salad a couple of nights ago with caesar dressing, broccoli and cauliflower.
I've started making eggs for breakfast.
And I had sliced, baked potato for lunch today.
We won't speak of my greasy dinner.

I have no children.
I have no crazy pets.
I have no crazy family members.
Okay, that's a lie, but their craziness is embarrassing most of the time.
I don't have wild nights out with friends.
Not very often, anyway.
I don't have crazy love-inspired stories.
I don't go on many exciting adventures.
My life mainly consists of work, sleep and B.
I'm not overly opinionated.
And therefore, I don't always have things I feel excited to write about.
Let alone force other people to read.
I don't know if that means I need a more exciting life.
Or if I need to get more creative.
Probably a bit of both.

I want to have a giveaway soon.
It would be my first.
Would you rather a chocolate-themed giveaway or a beachy-themed one?

Did you know I have a blog just for my current favorite songs?
I updated it approximately once a month.
I started that blog when I lost all my songs on my iPod awhile back.
Simply so that if it happens again,
I will have a list of my favorites to immediately put back on it,
Without forgetting any.
What are some weird things that you do?


Baby Sister said...

I like some TV theme show songs, but not all of them. I've never understood energy drinks just because they're gross, I think. :)
But I'm trying to eat healthier too!! Go us. :)

Salt said...

I am generally not a fan of tv show theme songs either. They are the ones that get stuck in my head most often.

Like right now I have the theme song for Full House stuck in my head even though I haven't seen the show in like 8 years. Shoot me.

Connie said...

yeah tv show theme songs are the worst! :p



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