Monday, August 30, 2010

Flat Venassa's Philip-Trip

Flat Venassa just got back from another amazing trip. I know you're all dying to hear more about her Eurotrip from last fall, but she wants to tell your about her Philip-trip that she just returned from on Wednesday. To learn the story of Flat Venassa first, skip to the links at the bottom. 

This is Paper Venassa's trip to the Philippines. 

S. and Paper Venassa at the airport in Taipei, Taiwan, I believe. All the pictures are at this airport, but she did go to the Philippines! 

Cute friends

Paper Me got her age stamp, rabbit for 1987, which is my birth year. Paper Me was only really born in 2009. 

Not too many pictures from this trip, but very exciting anyway. I'm glad I get to travel through S. and Paper Me. 


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

What a cool idea! I wish I could do the same...for reals~

Baby Sister said...

Looks like she had a blast. :)

Shell said...

What a fun idea!



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