Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A new beginning

Moving is a lot of work. There's the packing, the taping, the moving, the cleaning, and the end. The end of a lease. The end of making memories at that particular place. Sometime around 9 p.m. tonight it will a year since we moved the first few things into "our place".

We did things quick, only having known each other for 4 months at this point, but it was what was best for us at the time, or so it seemed.

While living there we celebrated our first birthday together, our first Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Easter, and our first anniversary. It was where we lived when I first met his mom, when he first met my grandfather. Where we first got to know each other.

Today I mopped one last room, cleaned my first oven, passed in our keys and got my damage deposit back.

I had 20 minutes to myself after the cleaning was done, and before the landlord got there to get the keys. I paced around, unable to sit still, and no chairs to sit on anyway. As I went into each room it brought back all kinds of memories from that room. The stronget memories were those from the day we moved in.

The place was so new and exciting, and I was filled with so much hope for us and our apartment.

I will not miss freezing in the winter or critters scratching inside our walls, but I will really miss the memories and everything that happened there, good or bad. Though everything didn't turn out the way I'd hoped a year ago, things are still on the right path. It's time for a different new beginning than expected.

So long Apartment 3.


Baby Sister said...

That was sweet. :) It would be hard to move from those memories.

Salt said...

So well said. My husband and I are still in our first apartment that we got together. We're looking for a house, but I know the day we move out is going to be difficult for both of us. So many great memories!



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