Thursday, September 2, 2010

Anonymous Secrets!

Anonymously Yours:

Whatever you say, it must be an anonymous comment.
This may become a regular thing, with a different twist each week.

A couple of rules..

1) Don't be cruel. Any comments meant to be mean or offensive will probably be deleted
2) Have fun with it

This week

Tell me a random secret.

Remember to respond as an anonymous user!

: )


Anonymous said...

I don't like her. I really don't. (not you) She's prissy and spoiled and drives me crazy. She's a grown woman but needs to start behaving like one, not a teenager. And start dressing appropriately too!

Anonymous said...

Gah there's a woman I know who is so angry that it's to the point where I don't know if we can be friends anymore. She had something terrible happen several months ago and she refuses to let anyone ever forget. I swear she loves being miserable and making other people miserable with her.



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