Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Night Away

I'm laying on a king size bed, with a patio door open, listening to rain and thunder. It's quite relaxing.

I am currently at a 5-Star resort with my boyfriend. It's one of the properties owned by the company I work for. They want us to be more familiar with our other properties so they are giving each employee a free night (depending on availability), dinner for two, and breakfast for two at each of the properties. They even pay for mileage to off-island properties. So we are using one of those free nights.

This is the view from our deck. 

The view of the cottages from our deck

The huge, comfy bed

It really is a gorgeous spot. If only the weather was decent. The hot tub is an outdoor one, and we're really close to the beach. It would be nice to experience the outdoor part of the resort. 

Either way, we're lucky.


My Life in Purple said...

Oh V, I am super jealous! Looks great. It' always nice to get away with someone special ;)

leigh ashley said...

wow... that sounds amazing! it's raining and thundering here too... i kinda like it! it smells good!! hope you have a wonderful night away!



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