Monday, June 7, 2010

Maybe Facebook Can Save a Life

I am amazed at people in this world.

I was reading my usual blogs, and got to A Blonde in a Blog. Immediately upon seeing her post, without reading a word, I remembered I hadn't been on PostSecret yet this week. I'm usually on it by Sunday night at the latest. This is the first secret:

I read the comments. I saw the link to the facebook page. There are currently 25,555 people that have joined. THAT many people who know about this secret, of this person none of them have probably ever met, and want to help save this life.

There are people from California joining together to post notes on the bridge. People from all over sending their love.

Here is an article about it.

58 people have joined the group just since I started this post.

I am just amazed that so many people are joining together to save the life of one stranger. With all the bad there can be in the world, it's nice to see how great people can really be. It's beautiful.

I hope the group is successful in saving this life, though we will probably never know, will we?


Connie said...

That's awesome! But really very sad! Lives are really very precious- no matter who it is! I hope that person realizes they matter.

leigh ashley said...

wow... that's incredible! it's amazing how people pull together in times of need! i love that about humanity!



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