Monday, April 12, 2010

A glimpse inside my kitchen

I always enjoy getting a little peek into other people's... well, everything. I think it's interesting to see what people's homes look like, inside their closets, and other little things. It's fun seeing the little unique things. I was bored a couple of days ago and took a couple of random pictures around the apartment. I'll post a few every once in awhile. So here's your personal peek into my: KITCHEN. One of the most unique things about my apartment: the kitchen and bathroom floors:

I kid you not. My floors are a brighter dark blue color, with white and black specks.

These are my Mexicans. They sit on the very top of my cupboards. There's 6 of them: one woman and 5 men. All the men are playing different instruments. One plays the harp. There used to be seven but one broke when a wimply little whiskey glass fell on him. I was pretty upset.

I got these from my mother and former step-father, who I believe got them from his father. They are from Mexico. I am very attached to them.

This little picture hangs in my kitchen by the stove. It's a cheap little thing from the Dollarma, but I bought it and hung it because truer words have never been spoken in my kitchen. At least I can bake pretty well (ignore the cheesecake fail incident).

But on a different, I finally got a blog button! See it up on the right side? Steal it and post and I'll do the same. I follow too many amazing blogs to post buttons for all. Someday I will make a page dedicated to them all.

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