Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekly Recap

I don't get very personal when it comes to this blog. I've never put in too much about my personal life, or anything bothering me, just the happy fluffy stuff. When I look back on my blog later on, I think that I'll regret not writing a bit more about me.

It's just that my life isn't the most exciting. A typical day consists of my bed (sleep), my job, and the couch. I don't have children who say funny things. I don't have humorous arguments with the boyfriend. I don't even really have fun stories with my friends that I so rarely see.

But starting now, I think I may start to just recap my week (on Sundays, I suppose?), just to look back on.

For instance, this week I:
  • Managed to get in the middle of some hotel guest drama.
  • Had a photo-shoot with one of my best friends.

  • Went on a couple of walks, when the weather allowed me.
  • Became addicted to my DVR (today, actually). In recording currently: Just Friends, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Cheaper by the Dozen, Sister Act, and some episodes of What Not to Wear.
  • Thought I was in trouble at work when I got a message from my boss saying to call her when I got the message. It turned out to be a simple question.
  • Thought too much about my life, and if I really want it to continue that way it's going.
  • Started to feel even more passionate about photography (I didn't know it was possible).
Today I woke up early to some beautiful sunshine. I walked out on the deck and there was a nice breeze, lots of sun. Later on I took my chair out there to sit. My taste of the sunshine earlier hadn't been very accurate because the wind was freezing. I kicked that idea immediately. I went out for a walk with my camera later on. Got a few nice shots, but then the sun completely disappeared under a huge cloud. Now it looks like it's going to rain. But sunshine makes me so happy :(

Here are just a couple of things I encountered on my walk.

Pretty purple flowers

Oh Canada

This was weird, because all the bottles were smashed, and there was a neat pile on the sidewalk of more smashed up bottles.

The water downtown was kind of pretty


My Life in Purple said...

I love, love, LOVE purple crocus! :)

Haley said...

I'm right there with you. I don't have a boyfriend to talk about nor any adventures with my {unborn} children. I talk about my nephew Jacob on occasion but that's about it. I don't have many friends in my town so I rarely have anything to talk about there either.

I randomly make posts of random facts about myself. I really want my bloggers to know more about me and that's the only way I know how. If you can't come up with some random stuff on your own, google an "about me" questionaire. I've thought about doing that several times.

Ps. I will soon me a follower I promise! I just have to get to a computer bc my phone doesn't want to cooperate!



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