Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hotel Affairs

The hospitality industry is an exciting place to work. On normal days, my hotel job is an enjoyable one. Sometimes I'm forced to "quiet down" partying parents, here with their children for a sports tournament. Sometimes I have to yell for kids to stop playing in the pile of brand new furniture, for the millionth time, even though there is a sign clearly stating that room is off limits. 

I got several calls tonight from the same woman. She wasn't friendly, but did seemed normal - for the first 5 or so phone calls. The man in the room wasn't answering. Finally, she asked me to pass along a message - that his dog was hit by a car. He seemed a big flustered and such when I passed along the message, but he said he would call her back. 

If only that's where the story ended. 

She called back 15 or so minutes later. We will call the couple Beatrice and Felix. 

Beatrice: Did you pass along the message?

Myself: Yes, I did. He said he would call. 

Beatrice: Well, he didn't. Obviously he doesn't care. Can you transfer me to the room?

Myself: *hits the appropriate buttons*

I find the situation awkward, but nothing too extreme. Then Beatrice calls me again.

Beatrice: Was there anyone in the room when you went to give him the message?

Myself: *now feeling very awkward* No, I didn't see anyone, but I didn't really see inside the room. 

Beatrice: Did a woman come to you asking where Felix's room was?
Myself: *short pause as I remember just that*. No. 

Beatrice: Someone would have to speak to you to find out where he is?
Myself: Unless they were talking to him, and he told them where he was. 

Beatrice: Can you do me a huge favor? Otherwise, I will have to get in my car and I will be there in 2 and a half hours. Nobody wants that, especially me. 
She paused a lot, making everything twice as awkward, and proving that even she knew what she was asking of me was wrong. 

Myself: That depends on what. 

Beatrice: Do you know what his vehicle looks like? *gives a description* Can you go check if there is a *gives description of another vehicle that I don't remember* is parked next to it?

Myself: Honestly, there is a big group here of over 200 people. The parking lot is packed. 

Beatrice: Still, her vehicle would probably be parked next to his. 

She gave up and got me to transfer her to his room yet again. Story over, so far. I am happy that this happened at 10 pm. Because 2 and a half hours from 10 pm, means I'll have been out of here for a half an hour if she does show up. I'm definitely telling the night auditor to keep me informed of the gossip. 

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