Thursday, April 15, 2010

Firetrucks, cookies, and hookers, oh my!

My last couple of days sounds like they were more exciting than they actually were.

A. Firetrucks:
Showed up at work yesterday when something going on with the renovations set off the fire alarm. The alarm was loud, and they couldn't get it to shut off for a full 5 minutes or so, but really it was a yawn moment.

B. Hookers:
Were apparently brought to the hotel after I checked in two guys the other night. I found out from the night auditor. They checked in at 11:30, was a noise complaint around midnight, two women left shortly after, and they checked out around 12:30. One of the guys came back shortly after the get his really expensive video camera pen big pen that he forgot in the room. Very creepy.

C is for cookie, it's good enough for me.
Oh! cookie, cookie, cookie starts with "C". But seriously, I bought these super sale ($0.47 a pkg) cookies because they have cute little bunnies on them, and bunny season is over! And they taste great! I see another package of these cookies in my future, when we grocery shop tomorrow. (Ps, I removed the background of the picture with my new photoshop!)

D. Monopoly.
Is that game that I lost, to my boyfriend. I have never won. But we played the WHOLE game. I lost when I landed on one of the first properties (the purple.. Baltic Ave?), which boyfriend was calling The Ghetto. He said I lost all my money in the drug house in the ghetto.

E. What Not To Wear.
Such an amusing show. The girl shopping doesn't like the bow on a dress, so Stacey and Clinton tell her to think of her as a gift to mankind. She liked that. Watching this show just irritates my "needs to shop" gland. Not good. Payday is tomorrow. I plan to buy a $28 dress. I've seen some at two different stores and I can't wait to drag them all to the fitting room. 

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