Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Meals for a Week

I was just reading Sometimes Sweet's post from yesterday before I wrote this. I know there are probably plenty of people who do this, but I just love her idea of planning their meals for every night of the week. That would really make grocery shopping so much easier. Let's try that out.

Friday - Pay day, let's eat out!
Saturday - Butter Chicken wraps
Sunday - Lasagna
Monday - Something Old El Paso
Tuesday - Homemade Mac and Cheese
Wednesday - Fries with the works
Thursday - Bacon Cheeseburger Roll Up
Friday -

It took me awhile to come up with that list, and even that I can't finish it. I need new, exciting ideas. But at least it will be payday on Friday and we can finally eat some real food again. I'm craving an omelet badly.

I'm finally down the the homestretch.. There is only 14 hours of work left before I have two days off. My first since Valentine's day. Much needed.

The final episode of the Bachelor was last night. I could whine about how he picked Vienna, but that's been done to death already. I found it amusing how he talked about Tenley being perfect for him, how he would be so happy with her, and so on. About Vienna, he said several times that she was immature, that she was fun and sexy. Doesn't sound like you're looking for a wife, but more like you're hitting your midlife crisis and were looking for the "ditzy blonde secretary" that men cheat on their wives with. Not exactly marriage material, but whatever makes you happy.

I'm just super excited that Ali will be the next Bachlorette. I've never watched these shows before but it's nice to finally enjoy a little tv again.

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