Sunday, February 28, 2010

Great time-wasting websites

I am only 3 hours into my 8-hour shift. I've creeped all the facebook I can creep. I've blogged. I've read blogs. I've tweeted. I've watched tv online. I've played all the Peggle Nights I can play. So here's a list of some of my favorite websites, old and new, that I'm browsing through to kill some time.

Moan My Weather - A whole new way to listen to the weather. A girl really does moan the weather, so use at your own risk.

Where's Willy - Keep track of where your hard earned dollar bills are going and coming from.
If you're American, Where's George.

Go Fug Yourself - A humorous way of looking at some of the (f)ugly things celebrities wear.

Texts From Last Night - A personal favorite funny website of mine. Texts that people have sent. I find most of them pretty believable after spending so much time with my own strange friends.

Tweeting Too Hard - Some of the more 'self-important' tweets.

Totally Looks Like - Someone/something that totally looks like something/someone else. Some are pretty amusing. See how Lady Gaga totally looks like Alice in Wonderland House.

True Confessions - Anonymous user-submitted confessions. Seems like a decent way to kill time

Fail Booking - Some of the best, worst and by far the funniest of facebook.

Passive Agressive Notes - Notes from angry/annoyed people. I particularly like this one.

Novel Escapes - Reviews on 'chick lit' novels.

I have managed to kill an hour :)

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