Thursday, March 18, 2010

Love for Desperate Housewives

I've been addicted with Desperate Housewives the past few days. It's been a favorite show of mine for awhile, and with my tv show boxed sets obsession and a sale at Future Shop, I started buying the show.

I love how it's like a soap opera, with so much going on, and so much drama all the time. Even though it's all a bit much it's still plausible. I love how all of the housewives are so different from each other. I really love the cute music that plays in the show. I find myself really being drawn to Lynette as my favorite. I think it's her super adorable relationship with Tom.

I am on season 3, and already I'm sad that there's only 5 seasons (on dvd so far), especially since season 4 has yet to be cheap enough for me to buy it. I'm a hardcore bargain hunter when it comes to my boxed sets. Does anyone else have a similar obsession with watching shows in marathon form?

I love finding common actors/actresses within all of my favorite shows so here are some random little facts:

I go crazy in IMDb sometimes and I love seeing who's played in what show/movie in the past. Usually I never realized it. 

Happy Thursday & almost payday!

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