Saturday, December 19, 2009

Need a break from jobs

I'm going a bit crazy tonight. I'm at work at the there's a wedding going on. Well, now it's a wedding dance. The music is really loud. It's country, so I like it, but I'd rather listen to my own music instead of having party country music pounding with people yelling and woooing. And babies crying. Put your new born babies to bed. It's almost 11pm.

I can't seem to sit still either. I can't get comfortable because there's constantly people walking by the desk so I think they need me, or the phone keeps ringing or people really do need me at the desk. I'd give anything to be home relaxing tonight with the boy.

I had an amazing time last night. It was my first time drinking with my best friend who just got home from Europe. We had a regular 'us' night where we drink, go out, dance like crazy, take stupid pictures, talk about everything, and eat chinese food. It was so nice to be with a friend for a change. For so long it's just been me and the boyfriend, and no friends.

I'd give up limbs for a day off right now. I think I messed up one of my work schedules though and have Monday off, but got double booked for Wednesday. I'm almost hoping.. just so I can have that one day off. I can't wait until Christmas. I have the 24th, 25th, and 26th off for sure.

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