Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Almost Party Time

I have every intention of posting at least every Monday. I realize it's getting a little far from Monday, but I've had a busy week.

Monday I went to the dentist, which is never a fun time. I'll have to make another couple of trips back, which is even worse.

Tuesday, Chloe went with her father and I had every intention of cleaning up the apartment and packing for our weekend away. Once again, intentions. I got a little bit done, visited with boyfriend a bit, then when I was going to finish, I had a run-in with my neighbor who full on accused me of stealing her cigarettes that she thought she dropped somewhere between her car and the apartment. I was the only to get home in the meantime, so obviously it was me who stole them. Except it wasn't. She slammed the door in my face then I could hear her cursing about me from my livingroom. After that I wasn't much in the cleaning mood.

Today is Wednesday. I'm at work for the evening, which is kind of fun.

The real excitement is the weekend. I was supposed to go away for a bachelorette party, which got cancelled, but is back on - except now in the city I live! That means it's a million times cheaper, and just as fun. I'm not sure if the bride-to-be reads my blog, but I won't post any fun details yet just in case.

Besides that, I'm just spending all my time with Chloe, who gets more and more fun everyday.

Her 7 month update should be coming soon. Hopefully before she turns 8 months old.

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Sean Marie said...

Ooohh! I've never been to a bachelorette party. I was pregnant when I had mine. It was me going to some lame as Greek restaurant with three friends and then I got a really long, awkward facial. Hope you have fun! Can't wait to read Chloe's 7 month post. Feel like you haven't posted in forever.



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