Monday, March 26, 2012

Things I'm Grateful For

Where did I leave off? Oh, right, I was about to get my taxes done the last time I was here. I got them done, and was praying for "oodles and oodles of money", well I did. I'm pretty low-income, so this was pretty much amazing to me. 

I was planning on spoiling myself with my taxes and getting a new (used) couch and a flat screen tv. Instead, I had enough to do that, plus completely pay off my maxed credit card, order Chloe a nice crib, and get a few things we needed around the apartment. And more. I've never felt so lucky. I don't have my couch yet, but I look around my living room at my new tv and dvd rack, and curtains that are on a rod instead of tacked up, and I feel like we're doing great. 

Things I'm particularly grateful for today:

- My bills are over paid, not overdue. 

- My credit card owes me a couple of dollars, instead of me owing them hundreds. 

- My bank account is doing great, my wallet has cash in it. 

- I worked this past week, so I'll have even more extra money coming in.

- The fridge and cupboards are full. 

- The apartment is clean. 

- I have Netflix hooked up in my living room AND my bedroom

- I managed to keep a human alive alone in my care for 6 whole months! 

- One of my best friends is coming to visit this weekend! 

So basically, life is pretty amazing right now. They say money can't buy happiness? I was pretty happy before,  but being financially ahead? Priceless. 


Stephanie said...

Being financially stable is a HUGE plus!! How awesome for you that your return was able to get you all that fun/necessary stuff!

SG to SP said...

That's great that you got so much back for your taxes. We got a decent amount that we plan to use to start up a college fund for Hunter and get a few rooms of our house painted.

Iris Flavia said...

"I managed to keep a human alive alone in my care for 6 whole months!" This truly sounds amazing. I´m a bit afraid of the day they leave little Niece with me... will I manage?

Tyler said...


An Irish Italian Blessing said...

That's some pretty awesome tax return news!!!

Baby Sister said...

Oh that is so awesome. :) I bet you feel so good about life right now. :)

Sean Marie said...

Awesome things to be thankful for! Share some of that wealth now dammit. ;-)



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